About Photography by Bryan Cox

Bryan Cox, photographerHello, I'm Bryan Cox. I live in the coast mountain range between Portland, Oregon and the Pacific ocean. Welcome to my web site.

Ansel Adams remarked that every photograph has at least two people in it: the photographer and the viewer.

I communicate and share through my photography; and when I'm struck by the beauty of a subject, I try to bundle the wonder, awe, and gratitude I feel into the image I produce. If I'm successful, you and I can share the moment.

This is what fine art photography means to me. I make a conscious effort to control every aspect of the image so it conveys information and feeling at every level possible. I'm not inclined to try to create something new; rather, I'm inspired to convey the richness and depth of the existing wonders I experience.

My botanical photos exemplify this most clearly. Each image is a portrait that conveys the character of my subject; and I almost always photograph my subjects where they grow. If I were to cut a flower and take it to my studio to photograph, I'd be severing its vital connection to the earth; and that would most certainly impact the image I produced.

As you view my photos, I hope you'll see what I see and feel what I feel. You'll know when that happens, because you'll think, "I want to go there!"

Well, I hope you do go there; but that journey involves more than traveling. To go where I go and see what I see, you'll need to open your heart and mind to the beauty; and you'll need to linger. Linger long enough for the environment to work its magic; but linger gently. These places are so rare and fragile...

Thanks!Photograph of a golden helicon butterfly